In the interest of transparency, the question of fees is discussed during the first appointment.

  • Fixed price: the fixed price includes all the services performed. This method of remuneration can only be used in simple cases, in which the diligences are determined and known in advance. It is often the case of amicable procedures
  • On a time basis: all of the work involved (correspondence, telephone interviews, drafting of documents, hearings, etc.) is invoiced at an hourly rate determined during our first meeting. This method of remuneration is generally applied to contentious procedures for which the number of diligences to accomplish is difficult to determine in advance. I try to give you a range of fees that you will have to pay
  • Depending on the result: the result fee is an additional fee, i.e. it is added to the basic remuneration, either flat rate or time-based (on the basis of a reduced hourly rate). This result fee corresponds to a percentage of the gains or savings made thanks to the legal action. They are subject to a fee agreement.

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