Criminal law

  • Assistance in custody
  • Assistance before the investigating judge
  • Advice and defense in general criminal law for perpetrators and victims
  • Defense in matters of traffic offences (traffic violations, threats, minor violence…)
  • Representation before the police court, criminal court, assize court…
  • Actions for defamation
  • Press law and broadcasting bans
  • Assistance for misdemeanors (theft, drug use, abuse of weakness, forgery…) and felonies
  • Assistance in criminal business law (abuse of corporate assets, breach of trust, etc.)

Foreigners and nationality law

  • Application for French nationality and naturalization
  • Asylum seekers
  • Appeals for removal measures (OQFT, IRTF)
  • Visa Litigation
  • Rights of foreigners in France
  • Family reunification
  • Administrative detention, identity control, interpellation
  • Police custody
  • Applications for residence permits and appeals for the cancellation of a refusal
  • Work of foreigners

Family law, people and their assets

  • Marriage, PACS (civil solidarity pact), cohabitation
  • Civil status, change of name and surname
  • Minors’ law, paternity, filiation, parental authority, adoption
  • Wealth law and strategy for the protection and transmission of wealth
  • Calculations and claims for alimony and child support
  • Divorces for fault, amicable divorces by mutual consent, alteration of the marital bond, procedure …
  • Defending your rights in matters of child custody and access
  • Civil liability proceedings: compensation for fault, damages and interest

Road and traffic law

  • Fine contestation, excessive speed, withdrawal of points, parking fine
  • Speed cameras: assistance in contesting the offence
  • Defending your rights in the event of a drinking and driving offence
  • Procedures for driving while license is revoked and summary suspension
  • Defense and recourse for cancellation of driver’s license

International and European Union law

  • European and Community public law
  • Litigation of international trade and abusive breaches. Delay, defects …
  • International distribution, agency, franchise, license, JV contracts
  • Litigation and appeals before the European courts: CJEU, ECHR
  • Foreigners’ rights: visas, residence permits, labor law
  • European competition law and compensation litigation
  • Arbitration and mediation procedures

Appeal and civil proceedings

  • Postulation to the courts of appeal
  • Drafting of procedural documents
  • Motions for fixed date, referrals, jurisdictional challenges
  • Legal advice in appeal proceedings
  • Referrals and emergency procedures
  • Remedies and appeals
  • Enforcement of judgments
  • Court summonses
  • Motions and injunctions
  • Advice and assistance before civil courts

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